Management of Waste

Management of Waste

Trends in Volume of Waste Generated

Due to production adjustments implemented in response to COVID-19, the amount of waste generated in fiscal 2020 was 20,237 tons, 8.1% decrease year on year.
On the other hand, the unit requirement for the groups in Japan (with integrated certification) was 0.053 tons/million yen, which remained unchanged.
Eco Vision 2030, which we began implementing in FY2021, sets targets for waste management of an "effective utilization rate of 95% or more" and "reduction of 1% or more per year in basic unit compared to FY2018" by 2030. We will continue to improve our processes and take other measures to increase the effective utilization rate and reduce emissions.

Trends in Volume of Waste Generated (Group)
Percentage of Waste Generated by Region
Trends in Volume of Waste Generated
(Groups in Japan [with integrated certification])

Proper Waste Disposal

We regularly visit our waste disposers to confirm that consigned waste materials are being processed in accordance with our agreement. In fiscal 2020, we visited 57 companies and confirmed that their waste was properly disposed of.