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Promotion System

With the aim of eliminating on-the-job injuries and creating a comfortable, safe work environment, we have established and implemented domestic occupational health and safety management system OHSMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). The company, headquarters, and the group companies in Japan set safety goals and safety plans in accordance with our OHSMS guidelines, aiming to conduct health and safety activities based on a “total involvement" principle. To attain a step-by-step improvement of our safety status, these progress and results of such OHSMS efforts are verified by our internal health and safety auditors as well as each health and safety committee and the central health and safety committee.

Our company had been certified as a workplace conforming to the JISHA*1 system-qualified OSHMS standard, but since 2021, the NGK SPARK PLUG Group, including domestic and overseas group companies, has been working on acquiring ISO 45001 certification, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems issued in 2018.

*1 JISHA: JISHA system is a standard examined by Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA), and organizations accredited by JISHA, incorporating items as the incidence typically practiced in Japanese workplace, for example, KY activities, Hiyari-Hatto (near-miss) activities, and 4S activities.

Health and Safety Promotion Organization

Targets & Results for Fiscal 2020

  Fiscal 2020 Target Fiscal 2020 Result Evaluation
1. Elimination of Work-related injuries Proper use of safety devices, prepare and follow the work Procedures Management of safety devices has been reviewed to ensure that it has been incorporated into work procedures.
Implementation and response to the workplace in the event of an occupational injury In response to injuries that occurred overseas, information was disseminated to each workplace, and appropriate measures were made at each workplace.
Reconfirmation of risk assessment results Each department reviewed the risk assessment and completed it.
2. Improvement of Work Environment Improvement of management category III, II, maintenance of management category I Conducted working environment measurements, based on which the working environment was improved.
3. Promotion of Health Implementation of measures against lifestyle-related diseases A high-risk approach was conducted in an intensive weight loss program.
Implementation of mental health measures Interviews with occupational physicians were provided for high-stressed employees.
Implementation of passive smoking measures Smoking hours are limited. (No smoking except during mealtimes.)
4. Enhancement of Education and Enlightenment Implementation of health and safety education In addition to various health and safety training sessions, we held health and safety, environment exhibition on the web to raise employee safety awareness.
Implementation of immediate action “Po•Ke •Te• Na •shi” program. Worked to ensure “risk prediction” and “Po・Ke・Te・Na・Shi” through activities such as crossing guard.
Implementation of traffic KYT (Kiken Yochi Training, or risk prediction training) Conducted KYT (risk prediction training) activities related to traffic safety at each workplace to raise awareness. In addition, drive recorders were installed to improve employees' driving manners.

*1: “Risk prediction” refers to the activity performed in our company for preventing injuries caused by operators by confirming hazardous spot and procedures prior to work that is done for the first time or has not been performed for a long time.

*2: “Po・Ke・Te・Na・Shi” (Pocket-Phone-Handrail-Shortcut-Pointing) is a general term indicating precautions to protect workers from being involved in an accident during walking on the workplace, for example, “Do not walk with hands in Pockets.”, “Do not use the cell Phone during walking.”, “Make sure to hold the Handrail while ascending or descending stairs.”, “Avoid oblique crossing (Shortcut)”, and “Never fail to conduct Pointing and calling at the point specified for conducting such practice.

Targets for Fiscal 2021

Item Health and Safety Targets Ideal Situation
Health and Safety Person Promotion of 「Po・Ke・Te・Na・Shi」 Develop person who can act safely
Communicate hazards and risks
Implementation of traffic KYT
Machine/ work Procedure of the work to remove the safety cover Provide safe work and machine
Safety cover inspection to check if the cover has removed or for damage
Working environment Improvement of management category III, II, maintenance of the management I category Create a safe and comfortable working environment
Health Implementation of measures against life-style related diseases In a comfortable working environment, employees and their families raise their health awareness and work in good physical and mental health.
Implementation of mental health measures
Implementation of passive smoking measures