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Health and Productivity Management

NGK SPARK PLUG regards the health of employees as one of its important managerial resources for sustainable corporate growth and is fostering the health of individual employees for “health and productivity management.” In December 2017, we made a declaration on health and productivity management as the entire NGK SPARK PLUG Group and are implementing preventive and other measures against lifestyle-related diseases, mental disorders and passive smoking to proactively support the health of employees.
Thanks to the evaluation with respect to our activities, we have been certified as an “Outstanding Health & Productivity Management Organization” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Declaration on health and productivity management

  • Ⅰ.The NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Group declares that we will support the health of each and every employee and promote Kenkokeiei (Health and productivity) by viewing the health of our employees as one of the most important management resources in order to realize sustainable growth.
  • Ⅱ.We will respect the diversity and individuality of each employee and promote the creation of a workplace in which each employee can fully demonstrate his or her abilities as well as work energetically.
  • Ⅲ.We will work together with the labor and health insurance unions to actively engage in health promotion activities that include employees’ families from a long-term perspective.

Takeshi Kawai
President & Chief Operating Officer

Priority Measures
1) Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
  •  ・Review of diet and exercise habits
  •  ・Follow up on those requiring special attention
  •  ・Group education and activities
2) Mental health
  •  ・Prevention through self-care
  •  ・Subordinate care enhancement
  •  ・Work environment improvement
3) Secondhand smoke prevention
  •  ・Promote quitting smoking
  •  ・Prevent secondhand smoke

*Kenkokeiei is a registered trademark of NPO Kenkokeiei.

Prevention of Lifestyle-Related Diseases

To prevent lifestyle-related diseases regular health checks are essential.
To help employees maintain and promote their health, we task industrial physicians, medical doctors and nurses with following up with employees who have been found to have problems as a result of undergoing health checkups. Such employees are also referred to appropriate medical institutions as needed. Moreover, we provide employees with a smartphone app, which is linked with the internal health management system, and employees are using the various functions of the app to promote their health.

Enhancing Mental Healthcare

We are working on in-house and external Line-Care educational programs for managers and implementing to read the Self-care handbook in our workplace to make our employee prevent awareness of disease and self-management of health.

Also, we carry out stress checks to analyze the impact of work environments on employees. Based on the results, we provide them with a safe and comfortable workplace and prevent employees from suffering mental disorders due to stress.

The Self-Care Handbook

Prevention of Passive Smoking

NGK SPARK PLUG has declared that it will totally ban smoking on the premises of all its sites in and after April 2023. Toward this goal we have been gradually limiting smoking hours as well as giving support to those who want to quit smoking, such as by referring them to smoking cessation clinics. Some business sites are moving ahead with implementing a total smoking ban on their premises.

Initiative to Prevent Infectious Diseases

To protect employees from the seasonal influenza every year, we strive to prevent the spread of infection. Particularly regarding group infection at workplaces, which may affect our daily operations, we are ready to cooperate with the relevant divisions to implement immediate and intensive measures. During the flu season, we issue weekly reports so that all employees can share the information and take effective countermeasures.
In addition, we are continuing to gather information on new infectious diseases (novel influenza, novel coronavirus, etc.). We stockpile facial masks, disinfectants, and other countermeasures, and have formulated infection prevention measures and guidelines for dealing with infections in the workplace to ensure that all employees are aware of them.

Efforts by NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Health Insurance Society

Working together with the company and the labor union, the health insurance society provides a wide variety of programs to support the mental and physical good health of member workers and their families.
Specifically, health management and disease prevention efforts conducted by the health insurance society include: metabolic syndrome improvement / prevention programs; subsidies for flu vaccination; and other health management promotion programs such as walking tours. As an employer, we also promote collaborative health by providing support for specific health guidance and gynecological checkups, etc.