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Communication with Shareholders and Investors

We disclose information in compliance with the law and also disclose information promptly via the media and at our website.

Holding of the Annual Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting

We hold an annual Ordinary General Shareholders' meeting in June every year.
We send out the notice of convocation for our Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting even earlier than the legal deadline so that shareholders can give adequate consideration to the reports and resolutions. Additionally, we try to carry out earlier disclosure by releasing the information on the company website before sending out of the notice. We also translate part of the notice of convocation into English for overseas shareholders and post it on the company website in parallel with the Japanese version.
Furthermore, we are striving to create a suitable environment for the exercise of shareholders’ rights, including making it possible to exercise rights from a PC or a mobile phone in addition to the exercise of rights in writing. Also, the meeting was later posted on this website for a certain period of time.

Dialogue with institutional investors and securities analysts

We hold various dialogues with internal and external institutional investors and analysts in a variety of formats. These include quarterly financial results briefings, conference calls, individual interviews, and individual teleconferences, to explain our financial and non-financial situations in detail, in order to gain an accurate understanding of our situation.

Organization of briefings on our technologies for institutional investors and securities analysts

We host a technology orientation for investors and analysts to gain a deeper understanding of our technologies. We also invite them to see the actual manufacturing process.

Organization of briefings on the company for personal investors

We hold briefings for investors in major cities across the country, and strive to provide the information that investors are looking for in an easy-to-understand manner.

Communication with Customers

We offer information meaningful to customers at our website and through exhibitions so that they can purchase and use our products and services with peace of mind.

Sending Information on Website

“NGK SPARKPLUGS PLUG STUDIO” is a website that disseminates detailed information about our products including NGK spark plugs. Customers can also search for the part number that matches their vehicle and model. The website also features information on motor sports, primarily teams supported by NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. as well as upcoming exhibitions and events.
We have set up an official Facebook account for NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. to further inform more customers of the NGK spark plug brand.

We launched the "NTK Cutting Tools" site specifically for NTK cutting tools. It provides easy-to-understand information such as videos related to cutting, a cutting tool search system that allows for searching by application and shape, along with the latest event information.

Exhibitions and Events

We make sure to have PR booths at exhibits and motor sports events.
These provide valuable opportunities that allow us to meet with customers and explain our products and technologies directly, and we also use these opportunities to identify constantly evolving needs.

Responding to Product Defects

We make it a rule that any product defect we have detected and found to possibly cause harm to customers be immediately announced to the public through our websites, newspapers, trade journals and other media as appropriate and that we simultaneously implement countermeasures against such defects to protect all users.

Communication with Suppliers

We are working to build relationships of trust with suppliers as their sound partner and achieve growth together. To this end we conduct activities across the supply chain, such as holding briefing sessions on our corporate policies.

Organization of briefings on the corporate principles

We hold a corporate policy conference with our main suppliers, offering them an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the present situation of our company and our goals. We introduce our business results, the company’s policy, and the policies of each department which are based on the basic policy, procurement policy and initiatives, and request implementation to enhance quality and promote CSR and Sustainability initiatives.

Communication with Local Communities

We respect the local culture and customs at each of our bases located across the world and work for smooth communication with local communities. We also participate in various social contribution activities to help create a comfortable society as a corporate citizen.

Social meetings on the environment

We host environmental meetings with local residents as a venue for communication. At these meetings, we explain our daily environmental activities as well as hear opinions and comments from participants on how we can further improve things.

Local cleanup activity

We regularly hold clean-up activities in the areas near the offices to preserve the local environment. We also continue to participate in beautifying activities hosted by local municipalities, etc.

Cleanup activities (Komaki Plant)
Cleanup activities (SparkTec WKS CO., LTD.)